Friday, April 8, 2011

Pachyderm Penny Weights Giveaway

After seeing this simple, yet incredibly useful, tutorial I knew I had  to make these!!!!  Here is my version on the Fifty Cent Weights...

Because I love these so much, I am going to make some more.  That is a bonus for both of you who read this blog because I am going to give away a set of four, that is right 4, of my pachyderm penny weights.  Since there are only two of you who actually read this blog on a normal day, that is a 50/50 percent chance.  Good odds if you ask me.  Here are the answers to all of your questions...

What do you need to do you ask?
Great question.  All I ask is that you post a comment on this lovely blog.  Unlike other giveaways, you won't have to scroll down to the end of 17 pages of comments to enter yours.  In all likely-hood you will be the second.  Oh yeah, and don't forget to leave some sort of way for me to contact you!  My ESP is failing in my old age.

When am I going to pick a winner?
Another great question.  I will leave this giveaway open for one week.  It will close at Friday, April 15, 2011, at 5pm PST.  Since that is tax day, this could really brighten your day!
As Tanya pointed out, tax day is April 18th this year due to congress celebrating Emancipation Day.  It is an official public holiday in D.C. that usually takes place on April 16th, but was moved this year since the 16th is a Saturday.  So, my giveaway is like a breath of fresh air needed before facing your taxes!  ;) 

How will I pick my winner?
Oh, we will print of comments and pull them out of a hat.  My 2-yo is really good at being impartial to paper!

Is this open to people outside the U.S.?
Sure.  If I knew anyone outside the U.S. I would definitely want you to be included. 

What on earth would I use penny weights for?
The possibilities are endless.  If you are broke, you get $2 in change.  They are great for boys to throw at each other, if you don't mind some tears and black eyes.  Paper weights? Hide-and-seek?  But I made them to help my fellow crafters.  They are wonderful to hold down your fabric while cutting so it doesn't slide off your table. Not to mention they are just downright C.U.T.E.

Well, good luck to you both! 


  1. Oooo! I'm number one. :-) Do I get an extra entry by telling you that there is a very cool Clark County Quilt show this weekend at the Church of Christ off of Paden and 205? Admission is 7 dollars. My Singer repairman told me about it because his wife is there this weekend. Anyways, thought you might want to know. :-)

  2. Those are really adorable:)And just so you know Tax day is April 18th this year!!

  3. I see signs of serger usage! (by the way, I don't need to be in the drawing... I would just throw those things at people and might get in trouble. :) )

  4. holy cow! not that I dont love your family blog, but i didnt know you had a craft one too! woohoo!

  5. number 5!! woo hoo! you're too funny, sarah. :) i'd love to win one of these!

  6. I want one and promise not to throw it at anyone(unless its necessary) if I win...

  7. You can enter me in this most famous drawing - but can I get fifty-cent pieces in my fifty cent weights?

    You are the crafting queen!!

  8. I am following your blog for inspiration as an newbie crafter wanna-be dreamer. :)
    These would be great for my girls to throw around and for Grace who needs to have something to play with when she's doing school (very kinetic learner).