Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tools on Tuesday

As I was working on some projects last night, I was pondering the tools I like and the ones I don't really care for.  I thought I would share one of them today. 


I really, really like these rulers.  I have several different rulers in my collection that I have picked up along the years, but I really like love this one!  They have this nifty sharpening edge that sharpens your blade as you cut.  I am not sure how well that works, or if you need that, but there is one thing I do know.  THEY DON'T SLIP!  Now, I am no professional when it comes to rulers.  I am sure that when you work with a ruler long enough that you learn how to use it properly, however, I am not that patient.  I don't want to learn how to hold a ruler so that it doesn't slip and cause you to cut too much off a 2" strip.  I don't want to add scraps to my basket unnecessarily.  I want the ruler to do what it is made to do.  STAY PUT with ONE hand.  That is what this ruler is for me.  No learning curves, no upper body contortions to get it to stay where I want it, just a happy lady with a rotary cutter in her hand! 

So, what tools are indispensable to you???

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