Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pillow Love

It is time for a confession.  I do not have any throw pillows on my bed.  None.  To think, someone who loves to sew has no decorative pillows!  Well, that is going to change.  A friend of mine asked me to recover some of her pillows and I really love the way they turned out.  I loved trying new techniques.  I loved that I was able to finish one in a sitting.  I love the way they look together, without being identical.  Yep, I am going to get me some of those.  Until then, you get to see hers.  
 This adorable pillow is reversible!  And was inspired from this tutorial.


  1. those are adorable! i love throw pillows. it's a good, easy way to give a room different looks!

  2.!!! i can't believe you don't have any pillows on your bed. you'd better borrow a couple from the couch until you can make yours. nice color/patterns!