Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ready for some Time Travel?

I have not made many things for my boys because sewing for girls is so much easier.  Well that changed recently when I ran across this tutorial.  An indoor hanging tent seemed like just the thing for our apartment.  Of course, not just any tent would do for my brood.  We needed a TARDIS. (For those of you who don't know what a tardis is, you need to watch Doctor Who).  Yep, that is what we needed!  So, our tardis took flight last night, and most of the family is happy.  Though #3 is a little upset that he can not travel through time with this, so next he would like the real thing.  I followed the tutorial mentioned above for the dimensions, but it ended there.  The rest of it, I just played by ear or eye or something like that.

 Now if only we could get the toys picked up...


  1. That is so rad! I love how big it is.

  2. Please make me one so I can finally have room for my books, musical instruments, and electronic gear. Thank you. Jim (aka Dr. What)