Saturday, March 12, 2011

Batting & Backing & Binding

Oh my!
Here is my finished Cafe' Baby quilt
I quilted in between the windows on the front and did 1/4 inch lines on the outside polka-dots.  Leaving the teal un-quilted because I did not want to make it hard to read.  I love the way this turned out.


  1. Looks great!! Glad you went with red, since it is kind of your trademark color you know. You're going to make me one of those when I have my next child, right??? ;-) I think it will be a while, so you have lots of time! :-D

  2. umm, me too! ...I'm hoping it wont be in such a long time though...

  3. okay, i didn't even know you had a craft blog, and here's all this great stuff you've made! i love this!! cathedral windows are definitely on my list of things to make, but i'm intimidated. your's look fantastic!